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ITS and Smart Parking Solutions

ITS & Smart Parking Solutions

Innovate yet field tested solutions for intelligent transportation systems and LPR-based parking management
ITS & Smart Parking Solutions

ParkIT System

Your 21st century gatekeeper and parking solution – using the convenience of license plate recognition.

• ANPR-based vehicle access control

• Automatic barrier opening

• Built-in blacklist and whitelist



One endpoint – multiple data gathering: the modern traffic monitoring solution for Intelligent Transportation Systems.

• Manages license plate, speed and various other data

• Features ANPR cameras, lasers & more

• Endures all weather conditions

• Ideal for ITS solutions


Globessey Data Server

Managing effortlessly massive traffic data

• Database for storing traffic data

• Scalable, encrypted & redundant

• From access control to nationwide projects

• Centralized blacklist function


S1 Portable Speed Camera with ANPR

Catch traffic violators before they know it. This all-in-one unit measures speed from 1 km away.

• Onboard ANPR and Speed measurement

• Integrated blacklist function

• Automatic red-light enforcement