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Recognition Cameras and Devices

Recognition Cameras and Devices

Helping traffic flow and safety - on all roads, in any weather, day and night.
Recognition Cameras and Devices

Carmen Box

AI Edge Network Device to Add ANPR and MMR Capacity to Any Camera

• Easy to install

• Camera independence

• Multiple triggering options

• ONVIF compliance


Vidar PAX Camera

Add passenger counting to your ANPR system

• Recognition of vehicle occupants

• Perfect images through all types of windscreens

• EU-standard IR light

• Continuous image capturing of vehicles at city traffic speed


Vidar Axle Counting

Image-based axle counting with a single intelligent camera

• Image-based axle counting

• Standalone operation

• Local storage with strong encryption

• Line scan images displaying entire vehicle


Vidar Container

Laser trigger recognition of ISO, MOCO, and ILU codes

• Precise container code reading provided by a camera-only system

• Accurate container detection

• On-board recognition for stand-alone systems

• Support EU and global standard containers


Einar ANPR Camera

A plug-n-play, smart parking camera for instant, quality ANPR imaging

• PoE+ Technology

• On-Board ANPR

• Image + Video Events

• Memory Expandability


Vidar ANPR Camera

Get rid lengthy ANPR camera setup once and for all

• Auto Setup

• Built-in laser trigger

• Dual optic imaging

• Robust and waterproof design


MicroCAM ANPR Camera

On-the-move license plate recognition

• With optional onboard ANPR

• Built-in vehicle detection (trigger)

• Withstands extreme weather

• Lightweight design

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