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CARMEN® Mobile

Collect data using the camera of your Android mobile phone for ANPR Cloud using this free, ready-to-use application



Carmen® Mobile is an Android application that you can use with your Carmen® ANPR Cloud subscription.

The application allows you to use your mobile phone camera to collect license plate recognition (ANPR/LPR) data, even from fast-moving vehicles. Events stored in the internal database include license plate and, optionally, class, brand, model, color, GPS data, and timestamp.

Discover the benefits of Carmen® ANPR Cloud using your smartphone. Just download the app, sign in, and you are ready to identify vehicles on the go.



1.) Introduction
Discover the features of Carmen® Mobile and see how you could tailor on-the-go ANPR to your needs.
4.) Handheld Mode
See how Carmen® Mobile performs in handheld mode with the automatic and the manual trigger.
2.) First Use
Learn how to use Carmen® Mobile for the first time. See where to download the app, how to register to ANPR Cloud, and log into the app’s user interface.
3.) Preset Modes
A short presentation of the preset modes of Carmen® Mobile. Learn how they can help you create the best on-the-go ANPR experience for your project.
5.) Parking Mode
Watch Carmen® Mobile perform license plate recognition on parking cars on both sides of the road.
6.) Expired Parking
This function which allows users to filter for vehicles overstaying a certain period of time will be especially useful for managing private
parking lots (e.g. of shopping malls) which some drivers tend to use as a free public parking space.
What Can I Use Carmen® Mobile for?

What Can I Use Carmen® Mobile for?

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Use our ANPR Cloud service, encompassing worldwide license plate coverage, exceptionally accurate OCR, and class, brand, and model recognition through a handy, ready-to-use Android phone application.

Save time and money through our ready-to-use application. All you need is an Android mobile and an ANPR Cloud subscription to have your own ANPR system.

Integrate Carmen® Mobile into an existing Android app as a service to receive the required ANPR data via simple API calls made from other apps.

Highlighted features


Read all license plates of a geographical region
Even if you choose a specific country engine for your project, Carmen® Mobile will accurately return all license plates from its region (e.g., Europe, North America). With this app, there is no such thing as an unrecognizable license plate.
Select automatic or manual capture
The app automatically captures images by default, but you can easily switch to manual triggering. Carmen® Mobile also automatically preselects pictures to guarantee accurate ANPR results without using too many ANPR Cloud credits.
Decide what information you need
Event packages may include an overview, a picture of the vehicle, and even a short video. You have the option to only upload hotlisted vehicles to the server.
Perform accurate ANPR at 180 km/h (112 MPH)
Perform ANPR from a moving car with a 90+% detection rate, even at a speed difference of 180 km/h (112 MPH) and on cloudy days. All traffic situations are covered, i.e. vehicles approaching/moving away, parked on the side, etc.
Upload events easily to your chosen server
With the Carmen® Mobile app, uploading events is easy. All you need to do is provide the destination server (GDS, FTP, or REST API), pick the data to be included in the event package, and let the app do the rest.
Create your own alert lists
Use ready-to-use presettings
Aside from your custom settings, Carmen® Mobile offers five preset modes for the following situations: in motion, in a fixed position, parking, handheld, and above a highway. You can further customize all these presets to your needs.
Get instant feedback for each capture
Get instant feedback on the success of image capturing via vibration and/or sound signals. Both signals can be turned on and off in all modes.
Create your own customized hotlists to receive alerts for specific events directly from the app. Capture traffic and parking violators and other vehicles of interest right on the spot with Carmen® Mobile.
Save bandwidth by working offline
Images and metadata can be collected without 4G, saving you battery time and money. Events then can be processed and uploaded at a later time on a Wi-Fi connection.
Adjust camera settings to your preferences
Supercharge your existing Android app with ANPR + MMR
Process live feed, images or prerecorded videos
Additional settings of the phone's camera allowed, such as exposure time and brightness, a flashlight, and separate modes for performing ANPR during the day and night.
Integrate Carmen® Mobile into existing systems. Launch the app from your own app and get ANPR and MMR data straight from the live video stream.
A wide range of formats (RTSP, RTPM, MJPEG, MP4) and sources supported, such as live video feed, a still image, a video uploaded to the app from an external camera.
Validate data by digital signature
Use the digital signature to authenticate ANPR results. Verify who created the event and prove that event data hasn't been tampered with.
Process image streams from any source
The application can process any image stream displayed on the mobile phone screen, regardless of the source. This means you can perform ANPR on any native video application such as VLC or display screens of drones, action cameras, and more.
Get email notification of alerts
You can optionally receive email notifications of your customized alerts. The email will include plate data, timestamp, reason for alert, and the image.

Some Use Cases for Carmen® Mobile

Targeted Identity Checking
Police officers can perform their jobs easier with only two devices – one sending the data to the central database and the other receiving it. While monitoring traffic, they receive alerts of vehicles in the database.
Targeted Parking Control
Parking control agents can quickly scan vehicle license plates and send them to a central database. Other agents may receive the exact geographic location and license plate data of cars whose owners failed to pay for parking. Email notifications are available.
Wanted Car Detection
Carmen® Mobile can automatically alert police officers of nearby events using a central database. Email notifications are available.
Visitor Management
With the included black & white list feature, event organizers can monitor license plates of guests, arrival times, VIP arrivals, and more.
Average Speed Measurement
Using two phones, users can measure the average speed of vehicles by having the two devices capture the vehicle passing by at two different points.
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