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Osmond, the engineering marvel from Adaptive Recognition

Osmond is the most advanced passport reader we have produced to date.

Osmond incorporates a high-end chip for hardware acceleration, the entire scanning, reading, and authentication process takes only the blink of an eye. Designed with a larger scanning surface and new OLED display the scanner has a new 12 MP sensor producing high-resolution, true colour, crystal clear images.

This scanner comes with an ID library supporting over 5,000 IDs worldwide including ALL national/diplomatic passports, driving licenses, Proof of Age Cards, residence permits/visas, refugee travel documents, learner permits and many others.

Osmond is available with scalable hw/sw options, Authentication Checker software and a comprehensive API/SDK for seamless integration into any existing workflow.

An indispensable and extremely reliable component of any automated, contactless application.

Use areas: Banking, Hospitality, Border Control & Immigration, Telco/Office receptions, Law Enforcement agencies, Casinos, Liquor stores, Car rental agencies and others.

Intuitive technology eliminating the need of a human intervention. No more typing, leave it to Osmond!


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