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VIDAR builds on over 25 years’ ANPR experience

Designed and manufactured in Europe, VIDAR builds on over 25 years’ ANPR experience and features the Carmen® ANPR engine. Carmen® is successfully deployed across more than 5000 lanes in Australasia, supporting more than 950 Australian number plate types and returning region-specific information.

VIDAR’s innovative features include AI-based smart vehicle and plate detection, vehicle make/ model/colour recognition, integrated Lidar laser for precision triggering, integrated radar for speed detection, direction detection, dual sensor optics, external I/Os, and watch list management and events.

Operating as a standalone system or as part of an integrated solution, VIDAR’s powerful in-built API ensures simple and secure integration with third-party software and systems, supporting extensive metadata automatic uploading, watch list actions and connection to external databases and cloud platforms.

“We are excited to launch to the Australasian market VIDAR, the next generation edge-based ANPR camera from Adaptive Recognition,” said Stuart Gregory of Image Analytics. “If you’ve been searching for an ANPR camera that provides exceptional recognition speed, accuracy, and flexibility in even the most extreme of light and weather conditions, look at VIDAR.”


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